Why AlgoLead's White Label Robot
Could Be the Internet's Next Big Thing in 2020

The dawn of the new year will have forex, crypto and CFD brokers scrambling to see how they can get their businesses set up for 2020 and beyond. As a leading financial technology platform, AlgoLead is the ideal solution for those hunting for effective products, such as retention and management tools and traffic optimization solutions.

AlgoLead can benefit all sorts of companies but the firm's products are specifically targeted at forex, CFD and crypto brokers in particular. Cutting-edge software solutions are available to boost the bottom line of any business.

Our guide will tell you all that you need to know about AlgoLead, the company's products and how this innovative white label bot will boost your success in the new year.

So What is AlgoLead and How Does It Work?

AlgoLead is a finance related company, having been set up back in 2014, though it has been growing quickly as more and more clients sign up to their market-leading products.

No matter the size of an organization, whether they are a brand new start-up or a major brokerage already offering services to thousands of clients, using AlgoLead can take a firm to the next level.

The aim of AlgoLead's product suite is to maximize the web traffic of customers, as well as optimize their marketing campaigns. Boosting retention and revenues are also key components of AlgoLead.

People who have lots of experience of working in the CFD and forex space are employed by AlgoLead, so firms can be assured of the knowledge and expertise that has gone into their products. Employees working for AlgoLead have first-hand knowledge of what it takes to turn data into meaningful information, as well as building campaigns to drive traffic and retain existing clients.

AlgoLead's White Label Robot is a game-changing product but there is a lot more on offer from the company as well. The dashboard on offer from AlgoLead is hugely useful, for example, offering users access to a wide range of powerful tools including a tracking system, a reporting system, billing system, CRM and much more. Service excellence is also at the heart of the AlgoLead offering, with the highest possible levels of customer service available. Top notch customer support comes as standard with friendly customer service agents on hand via email to answer any questions about the AlgoLead products.

Any online brand operating into 2020 and beyond needs to be able to maximize the customer's lifetime values (LTV). This is why AlgoLead focuses specifically on this to deliver success for clients through the use of their market-leading range of products that are aimed specifically at forex, CFD and crypto brokers.

The AlgoLead White Label Robot

At the heart of the product offering from the firm is the AlgoLead white label robot. This white label bot means firms can sign up to the platform and present the work as their own.

The AlgoLead white label robot is the firm's flagship product - and it is clear to see why this is the case. It is not an over-exaggeration to say companies signing up to use this white label crypto robot can find it has a massive impact on the success of their business. Anyone who owns a forex, CFD or crypto brokerage or is thinking about starting up a new brand within this part of the industry can benefit from the use of the AlgoLead white label robot.

As a tailored solution that can allow businesses to manage and keep a close track of their marketing funnels, there is little better out there than the AlgoLead white label robot. If increasing sales and retention values is the goal, then this white label forex bot is the answer.

Retention is clearly at the heart of success for any company operating through the internet in this day and age. So this is why AlgoLead has put retention right at the center of its suite of top-level marketing solutions for the financial sector.

In addition, the trading robot built into the bot that has been created and launched by AlgoLead, provides trading signals. It can even trade automatically for clients.

Most brokers working in this sector will already be fully aware of the fact that just giving clients access to a trading platform is no longer enough. There are lots of people doing this already and it is very hard to stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive market. Using the AlgoLead white label robot is one of the ways to do this

Being able to provide direct access to a fully-branded algorithmic trading system to clients will impress them a great deal and make it a lot more likely that they will stick around rather than going elsewhere. It is this value-add that will separate the clients of AlgoLead from other brokers in the industry.

So what do you get with the AlgoLead white label bot? Let's take a look at the key features of this game-changing piece of software.

What Are Some Of the Key Features of AlgoLead?

Signing up to AlgoLead gives forex, CFD and crypto brokers access to various back-end management tools that are all designed with the same goal: to drive up revenues. Other marketing and management tools may not have such a consistent focus as those made by AlgoLead, which is all about keeping customers and making as much money as possible.

Benefits of the back-end management interface offered by AlgoLead include being able to keep a close eye on client statistics. The data on offer includes activity levels, client earnings, deposits and a lot more - the available information extracted by AlgoLead is extremely comprehensive, enabling brokerages to really finetune their offerings while being able to provide individualized attention to each client.

The powerful management console can be used to manage multiple brands and it is also possible to track and monitor deposits through the platform, as well as, conversions, email and SMS performance, risk management and even more. In addition, traffic tools, such as traffic-building email swipes and a ready-to-go landing pages, are built into the system, which has everything crypto, CFD and forex brokers could want from a white label robot.

Anyone looking for automatic retention needs to hunt no more - the AlgoLead White Label Robot is the answer to any questions you might have about this area of your business.

AlgoLead Track-IT

Another of the key products under the AlgoLead umbrella is AlgoLead Track-IT, a comprehensive campaign management platform that is tailored for crypto, CFD and forex brokers.

There are so many different types of marketing campaigns available now that it is vital to be able to monitor them effectively, see how they are working and make sure they are all on track. Whether a forex, CFD or crypto broker is using social media, PPC or SEO to boost the number of customers they have, AlgoLead Track-IT can help to track the success of campaigns.

But there is a lot more to AlgoLead Track-IT than simply being a basic tracking and management platform, the likes of which can easily be found elsewhere on the Internet.
Instead, AlgoLead Track-IT features built-in proprietary algorithms that are set up to auto-optimize campaigns. This means that brokers are able to leave the success of their marketing efforts in the hands of the platform and they can still be assured they are going to be as effective as it is possible within the budget they have set up for marketing efforts.

Real-time analytics are included in AlgoLead Track-IT so users are able to see exactly where clicks and conversions are coming in from as they happen. All marketing campaigns are able to be managed from a single, simple interface while detailed business intelligence reports can be built through AlgoLead Track-IT with the click of a button.

Brokers who sign up to use AlgoLead Track-IT will be impressed at just how user-friendly it is, how easy it is to operate the platform, while the flexible API lets users connect with any other application they use for marketing. It all works seamlessly.

AlgoLead Optimize-IT

A sister tool of AlgoLead Track-IT is AlgoLead Optimize-IT, which is all about automatic retention. AlgoLead Optimize-IT is full to the brim with traffic optimization and retention tools that are aimed at earning maximum LTV.

Anyone who is still sending out mass SMS messages or emails will be finding they are nowhere near as effective as they used to be. Put simply, these marketing communications are set to be left behind by forward-thinking businesses as we leave the 2010s behind to start the 2020s era.

Messages sent out to clients need to be tailored as closely to their specific needs and requirements as possible and this is where AlgoLead Optimize-IT comes in to help brokers.

AlgoLead Optimize-IT boasts a vast array of top-level features, such as the ability to collect and store user data with information including geolocation, device, platform, browser and more to be taken in and retained by the extremely useful platform.

Detailed and accurate tracking and reporting is available through AlgoLead Optimize-IT, which also enables brokers to build custom funnels and automated messaging. And if all of that was not enough, users of the platform are also able to set their own criteria to send the messaging they desire to their clients. Whatever clients need from AlgoLead Optimize-IT, it does.

Benefits of Using the AlgoLead Dashboard, A One-stop-solution for Brokers

Tying together the range of products offered by AlgoLead is the firm's dashboard.

Those signing up to use the market-leading automatic trading white label bot that is offered by the firm will find the dashboard to be their key tool in keeping track of their marketing efforts, no matter the size of their budget or the planned growth of their organization.

The AlgoLead dashboard offers advanced tracking and algorithmic trading, as well as being the place where users are able to send automated emails and SMS messages to clients.

With well in excess of 200 funnels that have been tried and optimized for forex, CFD and crypto companies, along with precision targeting and personalized support, the dashboard has everything users need to keep a close eye on the success of their marketing plans.

The AlgoLead dashboard can be set up to give specific alerts and notifications and it also boasts a ready to go API that can be used on all major trading platforms. The API used on the AlgoLead dashboard is flexible enough that it can be easily integrated into brokers' other marketing apps as well, which is another big plus point for the software.

Why Brokers Should Sign Up To Use AlgoLead Products Today

Previously it used to be the case that it could take weeks or even months to spot whether a marketing campaign was proving to be good value for money or if it was totally failing.

Marketing costs can be a huge outlay for a business and newly set up companies simply cannot afford to wait and see when it comes to their campaigns.

Thankfully developments in technology mean that the old wait and see approach is no longer the case and it is possible to tweak marketing campaigns of all shapes and sizes in real-time by using AlgoLead's range of products and solutions.

The firm's white label robot offers everything forex, CFD and crypto brokers could possibly desire from an all-in-one marketing solution with retention tools at the heart of the AlgoLead offering.

Other marketing solutions are out there on the Internet, of course, but few can offer the total package in the same way that AlgoLead can. To put it simply, those who sign up to use AlgoLead usually find the platform does everything they need and much, much more. The set of tools on offer is truly comprehensive with customer relationship management and sales lead management among the areas that are covered to a very high level.

Any broker business that joins AlgoLead will find it has an immediate and profound impact on the health of a company's marketing efforts, in turn boosting their bottom line. Sales, registrations and deposits have all been shown to increase through using AlgoLead.

Those who are serious about making a success in the world of forex, CFD and crypto trading simply cannot afford to ignore AlgoLead any longer. Rivals who join up will be leaving them in the dust and with the industry becoming more competitive by the day; AlgoLead's products are a must.

Get in touch with AlgoLead today for a consultation on what the firm's marketing solutions can do to boost your business today.

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