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When it comes to trading CFDs, cryptocurrencies and forex, there are thousands of brokers across the globe. This means that with so many options available in the market, traders are certainly not short of choice. As a broker, the competition to acquire and retain clients is fierce and simply offering a trading platform, is not going to cut it anymore.

In order to be a successful broker, you need to be in full control of every step in your marketing funnel and business processes, while providing exceptional support and value add tools and services. It is these USPs that distinguish those brokers who are successful and profitable, from those that aren’t.

It’s no secret that with any online business, not just online trading, that the real value and profitability comes from client retention, yet it’s the one area that most brokers fail at. To put this into perspective, the average broker will lose 25+ percent of their converted traffic, a number that can really impact their bottom line.

It is essential for brokers to find an edge in order to compete and stay ahead. AlgoLead provides a range of solutions that empower brokers with this competitive edge including content management systems, white label trading robots, CRM, marketing tracking and analytics, plus so much more.

Acquisition Marketing Tools

Years ago, before the Internet became the mainstream medium for acquiring clients, it was exceptionally difficult to track the exact performance of advertising and marketing activities. Often, it could take weeks to try determine if a campaign worked, and how to optimize it. Now, many years later, it’s possible to track marketing activities in almost real time, yet, so many businesses still do not take advantage of the technology available to do exactly that, and to optimize accordingly. Acquisition costs are one of the biggest marketing expenses a business has, so the approach of throwing mud at a wall and hoping some will stick is reckless and can be costly. This is where AlgoLead comes into the picture. AlgoLead has a suite of marketing tools and solutions that help brokers achieve more, more efficiently and drive up profitability.

Tracking, Statistics and Data

Knowing where every click starts and ends is an essential part of all marketing. Online marketing costs are certainly not cheap and there is no such thing as free traffic anymore. Even SEO and social media require time and effort which has a cost associated to it, but it’s not just the successes that need to be measured, but any breaks in the funnel too. Try imagining that you do have a successful campaign, but inevitably there are visitors who abandon the funnel halfway through and every client lost, is revenue lost.

The AlgoLead tracking solution gives you a powerful set of tools to track every single visitor from the very first click they make on a banner or landing page, to conversion and beyond. No matter the source of the traffic, whether its PPC, SEO, Paid Media or direct traffic, the AlgoLead tracking lets you know exactly where the traffic is coming from.

Coupled with this tracking, are robust reporting and analytics tools to be able to drill down and understand what is working, where breakages are occurring and valuable data of where to optimize, scale up and much, much more. Data is one of the most powerful and valuable assets a business can have, and when it comes to running a successful brokerage, this data is what separates those brokers who make informed decisions and those that simply guess and hope for the best.

CMS – Content Management Systems

Your marketing team are all pumped up and ready to bring in a wave of new clients, but as with most brokerages, staff are constricted to using slow antiquated solutions where each time they want to put up a new landing page, webpage or funnel, it has to go through copywriters, then to designers, then dev and eventually, it goes live on the web. Does this sound familiar? But wait; now your campaigns go live, and tweaks and optimization need to happen, and so, the process has to start again. This inefficient way of working is how most brokers operate, but that doesn’t make it right. So, how exactly do you solve this?

AlgoLead has developed a powerful hosted and maintained CMS that accelerates and simplifies the process of going live, but the real magic of this solution is that it comes with 200+ offers, funnels, landing pages and templates that have been tested and optimized. Marketing staff can literally launch campaigns with a few clicks and even if they want to create their own content, they can do so without all the tedious steps in between. Once again, having the right tools for the job can never be overstated.

CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Being able to manage relationships with customers is one of the most important aspects of acquiring and retaining clients for any business. This is no less true for financial trading brokers. AlgoLead understands this, which is why the AlgoLead CRM software provides a comprehensive, user-friendly CRM interface that empowers brokers to manage their marketing and customer relationships with greater efficiency and ease than ever before. What makes the AlgoLead CRM so effective is that it has been purpose built for CFD / Forex and crypto brokerages, as opposed to “off the shelf” CRM solutions that need extensive customization to meet the specific nuances of brokers.

From a single console, brokers can keep track of campaigns, communications, support queries and extract extensive statistics regarding the activity of traders and their interactions with the broker.

Running an effective brokerage requires having key information on hand so that better business decisions can be made faster and more effectively. Being able to monitor client activity levels helps brokers to better pinpoint marketing efforts towards traders who fit a particular profile of trader. For example, targeting clients who have a higher activity level and encouraging them to continue or expand their portfolios, also means higher potential for brokers to extract the maximum value from these types of clients. In addition, with the right marketing, inactive clients can be encouraged to start trading again.

Application Programming Interface (API)

Another feature that makes the suite of AlgoLead solutions advantageous for brokers is the flexible application programming interface (API). The API enables easy integration and communication between the different applications that a broker employs to create a better unified solution that is more functional, easier to maintain and streamlines business processes. The AlgoLead’s API has been tested with over 50 financial platforms and supports more than 500 different brands.

Some of the numerous major trading platforms and affiliate platforms which AlgoLead integrates with include, MetaTrader, TechFinancials, Tradologic, Spot Option, Panda, Paragonex, Markets Pulse, TradeSmarter, AirSoft, Hello Markets, CellXpert and more. When it comes to proprietary applications, the AlgoLead API has been built to industry standards, which means that programmers should have no problem integrating with other platforms or proprietary solutions.

Final Words – AlgoLead is the Ideal White Label Robot

As one can see, AlgoLead offers a comprehensive set of tools which includes customer relationship management, sales lead management, a white label forex robot that supports cryptos CFDs and more. AlgoLead has the potential to positively impact literally every aspect of a broker’s business. The software can not only increase sales, registrations and deposits, it can also make the management of the brokerage business more efficient and effective. Brokers looking to remain competitive in an industry which is becoming quickly more and more saturated, will certainly want AlgoLead solutions as part of their arsenal. If you want to lead the way in the online trading industry, then AlgoLead should be your first choice.

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